Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


So I apparently have a Discover card that I didn't realize I had (and have had for almost a year now). I called them up to cancel it, but it sounds like some good rewards, so I'm gonna see the stuff they send me and maybe switch to a gas card and get 5% back on all gas purchases.

So, since that card's good, I didn't see the point in keeping the Citi card that I never use anymore. Apparently, I have $70.15 on that in rewards, so that check's being mailed to me (whoo!), and the rewards on this card are good - which reminded me why I stopped using it - I screwed up a payment once because of a misunderstanding and the APR skyrocketed. So, I had the guy lower the APR for me, so I'm gonna make this card my main card now.

Heh, I went to cancel 2 cards and ended up cancelling neither of them. :P But I'm going to have cards for the following things (once I get my Discover card properly set up):

General purpose (1% or 2% cash back)
Amazon (3% cash back)
Gas (5% cash back, up to double as gift certificates?)
B&N (5% immediate cash back (discount on credit card bill))

Heh. :P I don't think I need any more cards.
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