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One acts!

Ya know, it's getting really really old. Elizabeth and I were talking about how my mother wants me to marry a jewish girl, we had been talking about it in class yesterday and so she was asking me about it, and she tells me, "You should go out with Mara." I flipped out; swearing ensued. I really hate it when people do that, and I really hate explaining it to people (which is why I didn't, and swore instead). I get that all the time, and I get people asking me if I'm going out with Pat all the time. Both get on my nerves very, very heavily.

But, the one acts went awesomely! All of the other ones were absolutely amazing (sorry tenshi, forgot to tell Ricky that he looked good in leather pants >.< darn), and we got compliments and laughter. I even got compliments from Jenny, which is saying something. They were all really really good though. Julie blew us all away, and she didn't forget any of her lines, which was impressive. Ramrod from my play (forgot his name) changed out of his wigger clothes and into a suit to play the father in the last play; he forgot two of his lines, but he deserves a break - he was in two plays, and they were one right after the other.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. Elizabeth and I finished our presentation for history for tomorrow, though I'm still not gonna know what to say when I'm up there. Oh well.. I'll just suck. Neither we nor Mrs. Flowers could find my notes, so I don't know if she gave me full credit or not; I hope she did; she shouldn't have taken off for it being late cuz she gave me the extra time. Guess I'll find out later. So I have a project for trig due Friday (though we don't have second Friday, so if I decide to turn it in then, I'll have to find him during the day), not tomorrow, so I'm pretty much done with school until exams. Then again, how many times have I said that and been wrong? Sigh. I got an 82 on my physics test, 83 with that sig figs point, so that wasn't as bad as I feared (she let part of it be extra credit, otherwise I would have had a 78), and I don't know what I got on the quiz in trig or the test in Spanish yet. Anyway, Tenshi just IMed me and I don't have anything else to say, so I'll just leave it at that. ^_^

EDIT: Oh, actually, one other thing to say - I forgot a line in my one act (this was one of the ones that I was having problems with earlier), and so we ended up skipping four lines after a bit of a pause. >.< Dammit.. But the beer bottles and cups littered on stage added to the effect; we didn't have those during the practices. They were an improved thing by Carter. Made it funnier when he said that it was also called.. something about it being his weekend or something. And apparently the part with Ramrod was something that actually happened at his house. :P

One of the plays was about anorexics, and how they thought they were fat when they weren't, and always had excuses for not eating, and always said they weren't hungry.. I probably shouldn't have poked Tenshi then, but....

My dad's work is changing schedules from 8 - 4:30 to 7 - 3:30, like it had been at Kodak, so that's pretty cool. ^_^

I just saw tatsu use the word "fucking." Wince.
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