Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

General education requirements.

"General Education Requirements Are Immoral"

The rough draft of my paper for Global Ethics and World Religions. A page short, and not very good, but it's essentially how I feel about how universities and colleges go about our educations.
If you read it, comments are appreciated, since I'm sure I won't get an A on this and will thus need to revise it to make a final paper.

edit: The working definition of morality we have, as a basis for this class and paper, is "behavior according to principles." [Making Hitler one of the most moral people in history. Principle: Jews are the basis of all Germany's problems. Behavior according to that principle: Killing lots of Jews.]

edit2: I haven't actually written anything I've put any effort into for a long time; it's very disappointing to me to see that my writing skills have declined so far. :(
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