Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Stuff and things.

Okay, okay, moving it to a new post. ^^

The one acts start at 7 tomorrow.. Carter said we'll prolly just go first and get it over with, so get there early. XP We're gonna start practicing at 5:30 and go all the way until it starts; I have a few parts that I keep screwing up, so the practice will definitely help. Hopefully, by the time we perform, I'll have it down. ^_^ Wish me luck! (And if anyone says, "break a leg," I'll break theirs. ;) I have enough problems as it is. :P)

Daddy just made me some real hot chocolate with milk, but I needed to put in a lot of sugar to make it taste good. But it does taste good. ^_^

Amanda sent me a sweet vamp image; I'll put it in an LJ cut so that it doesn't startle people. ^^

Mmm... blood...

And of course it's not loading, but yeah. :P
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