Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Programming Languages grades.

"I found out about 50 percent of you don't like Scheme. And here's the test. I found a lot of you don't like tests either."

I got a 50 on the midterm (20%); I'm so happy! This is the one that I thought I got around a 10 on. Also, I'm gonna argue a bit after class; I think I'll be getting up to 10 points back. [Remember kids, even if you don't know shit, write something down - you might get it right (whoo!), or at least get partial credit.]

I got a 76/90 on the Scheme test (the programs I wrote were flawless; thanks Alex!) - I should have gotten like a 72, but he's generous with his grades, which I'm very glad of. Looks like I might be passing this class after all!

I got a 90/100 on the programs - turns out prefix is not the same as preorder. >.> But, considering how well I did on the tests, I'm not too concerned about that.


edit: I got 5.5 points back on the midterm, so I got a 55.5. My professor's a really nice guy, so I feel bad trying to get points back that I know I don't deserve - but not bad enough not to use his niceness against him and do so anyway.
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