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We r teh yuppies, for we all carry cell phones. :P

Dad got home at 2:30 this morning then left again at 6; got three hours sleep. The problem at work had been a wire that burned out in a transformer; they ended up replacing the transformer. They had asked Dad how long it would take to get the old system back in; he said 3 weeks - that shut them up. XP

So, now onto my day:

I went outside to walk people around the bus ramp and hang out there for a bit while buses showed up, then I went back inside so that I wouldn't catch pneumonia and die. :P I failed my trig quiz and physics test because I couldn't think (stupid sickness), and I prolly got a low B on my Spanish test cuz there was a part there that I didn't study and so knew nothing of, and it was 14 pts of the test.

My schedule for next year got screwed up. (Tenshi will be seeing this part again; deal with it. You don't have to read it every time.) C++ didn't make next year, just as it hadn't this year, which really sucks because I didn't get to do it this year and I won't have it next year. AP Environmental Science didn't make it either, so I'll have no early bird (which is fine, because I get to sleep more, but I really wanted C++...). AP Physics, Japanese I, and Latin I are all first period (they don't expect seniors to take first year languages).. I had already replaced Latin with chorus, but that left Physics and Japanese.. and Physics is the important class, Japanese was just for fun, so I replaced Japanese with Business Law. ::sigh:: So no Japanese next year either, again something that I really wanted to take.

I know 4 out of 7 of the positions of my classes, though:

1. AP Physics
3. Chorus
6. Business Law
7. Elementary Number Theory / Intro To Probability

AP English, AP Gov't, and AP Calc are gonna be shuffled among second, fourth, and fifth periods.

People keep asking if Pat and I are going out. It's getting very tiresome. Tenshi, what you were saying wasn't anything I was getting annoyed with; it's when random people come up to me and start asking me and telling me that there are rumors that I get displeased. If close friends like you or Jeff ask or whatnot, I don't care.

After school was awesome. ^^ Faji and Koneko had been planning something, though Koneko's a wuss. :P (I wanna be dominated by Faji, btw. ;) Faji kissed me, and, eventually, Koneko kissed Tenshi (resulting in the greatest facial expression I have ever seen in my life!), which was Tenshi's first kiss. Of course, Koneko's kiss was a lot more tentative than Faji's, just as Erin's was more tentative than Rick's. Funny how that works; we guys are just more outgoing. ^_^

Yeah, so, I have to do a crapload of research for history, cuz we gotta put the presentation together tomorrow, since we're going on Thursday. And I'm gonna need to make my trig presentation as well. Uff. Sucks.

Oh, but I did start my RPG on Rick's board. It's off to a slow start, but I'm hopin' it'll pick up. We need a mission or something. :P
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