Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Graduation speculation.

After this semester, I will have something like 105 credits, and still be nowhere near graduating. However, pretty soon I'll only need my upper-level CS classes to finish. [I'm getting a lot of my other requirements out of the way this semester, so I'll really only have, I think, ENGL200 and a writing intensive class outside my major left to take, and my CS courses - 312, 490, and 5 upper level.]

Hmm, looking at that, I'm really not "that far" from graduating - although getting 500-level courses is impossible. Especially if you want specific ones. Maybe I'll just say "fuck it" and take any 500-level courses available in order to get my degree; it's not like it really matters anyway.

edit: Technically, if I take the proper classes over the next couple semesters, I'll be graduating "on time" - at the end of my fourth year. Interesting.

Let's see what I need to take:

Writing Intensive
STAT class 300+ level (or STAT 212)
CMSC312 (Needs to be taken next semester as a prereq to a couple of the 500-level courses)
5 500-level CMSC courses

I think that this may prove to be impossible to do over the next couple semesters, but it might not be. :D We'll see. Also want to take Russian every semester I'm here too. (Which is fine; 18 credits is no biggie.)
And all this depends on what happens with LGS.
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