Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

[17:30] <Kreia> i wouldnt listen to joe
[17:30] <Kreia> he's a schmoe
[17:30] <Kreia> and makes a damn fine hoe
[17:30] <Kreia> ya know?
[17:31] <Cinder|away> your rhymin' sure do kinda blow
[17:31] <Cinder|away> fo' sho'
[17:31] <Kreia> ho ho ho :)
[17:31] <Cinder|away> ain't funny, yo
[17:32] <Kreia> damn, thats low =\
[17:32] <Cinder|away> it's all about the talent, bro
[17:32] <Cinder|away> you see, i'm a pro
[17:32] <Smithy> i earn all the do
[17:33] <Cinder|away> i used all your rhymes years ago
[17:33] <Cinder|away> why you so slow?
[17:33] <Cinder|away> it's like, whoa
[17:33] <Kreia> your rhymes sound like edgar allen poe
[17:33] <Cinder|away> oh?
[17:33] <Cinder|away> he had the flow
[17:34] <Kreia> (FICK i was typing that..)
[17:34] <Kreia> but he dont put on a good show
[17:34] <Cinder|away> not no mo'
[17:34] <Kreia> so?
[17:35] <Cinder|away> he died and caused a lot of woe
[17:35] <Cinder|away> but now i'm here to say hello
[17:35] <KinkySmurf> nite
[17:35] * KinkySmurf has quit IRC (Quit)
[17:35] <Kreia> joe's undies are yellow
[17:35] <Cinder|away> you lookin' from the plateu?
[17:36] <Cinder|away> or flyin' in your turbo?
[17:36] <Cinder|away> i think i'm gonna pour me a little pinot
[17:36] <Kreia> with that accent, you sound like someone from idaho
[17:37] <Cinder|away> that attitude you better forgo
[17:37] <Cinder|away> cuz that's just low
[17:38] <Cinder|away> i don't wanna hear what you got to crow
[17:38] <Kreia> hahaha.
[17:38] <Kreia> cinder the 12 inch rapper
[17:38] <Kreia> packin heat
[17:38] <Kreia> looking neat
[17:38] <Cinder|away> fucking SWEET
[17:38] <Kreia> has nice feet O_o
[17:38] <Cinder|away> ;)
[17:39] <Cinder|away> got the best beat
[17:39] <Kreia> beat your meat?
[17:39] <Kreia> with your hands and you feet?
[17:39] <Cinder|away> son, get back in yo' seat
[17:39] <Cinder|away> or i'll kick you to the street
[17:39] <Cinder|away> and yo' defeat shall be complete
[17:41] <Cinder|away> what's wrong? can't take the heat?
[17:41] <Cinder|away> (ahh crap, you used that one)
[17:41] <Cinder|away> looks like sometimes i do repeat :(
[17:42] <Kreia> lol
[17:42] <Kreia> fuckin' creeeeeeep
[17:42] <Kreia> err.. stretch the E and barely say the p :p
[17:42] <Kreia> then it can maybe rhyme
[17:42] <Cinder|away> man, you just tryin' to cheat
[17:43] <Cinder|away> i stick to the rhyme, cuz that's a great feat
[17:43] <Kreia> ye but you always be missin the beat
[17:43] <Cinder|away> man, fuck the beat - i'm too elite
[17:43] <Cinder|away> and you just go tweet tweet
[17:44] <Cinder|away> your rhymes i could excrete
[17:44] <Kreia> man, my homies would destroy your entire fleet
[17:44] <Cinder|away> they'd try and have to retreat
[17:45] <Kreia> man, take a seat
[17:45] <Cinder|away> i used that one, admit defeat
[17:45] * Smithy has quit IRC (Quit)
[17:45] <Cinder|away> with your rhymes nobody is replete
[17:46] <Kreia> the problem with you, is your rhymes are never complete
[17:46] <Kreia> shit!
[17:46] <Kreia> your rhumes could never compete*
[17:47] <Cinder|away> what is this deceit?
[17:47] <Cinder|away> my rhymes are a treat
[17:48] <Kreia> bro, your rhymes could never make it to a sheet
[17:48] <Cinder|away> boy, sit yo' ass down and eat yo' wheat
[17:48] <Cinder|away> i'm tryin' to be discrete
[17:49] <Cinder|away> but looks like you i'm gonna have to mistreat
[17:49] <Cinder|away> get rid of your damned conceit
[17:51] <Cinder|away> don't be hatin' just cuz i'm petite
[17:51] <Kreia> -__
[17:51] * Kreia gives up
[17:51] <Joethalou> lol
[17:51] <Cinder|away> VICTORY!
[17:51] <Cinder|away> Now Kreia gotta delete
[17:51] <Cinder|away> ;)
[17:52] <Kreia> haha
[17:52] <Kreia> i would, but soon i gotta eat.
[17:52] <Cinder|away> gonna go find a nice teat?
[17:53] <Cinder|away> luxuriating in yo' suite?
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