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I'm feelin' sick.. cold, headachy (head in general is bothering me), coughing a lot.. >.< Blargh.. sucks. I got another page and a half done of my story on the way up (no, didn't work on it much), and I know where it's going, so all I gotta do is write it. It'll prolly be like 5 or 6 pages total.

I called Maggie.. we're not doing anything today, so I was gonna see if I could get her to go to a movie. She was playing Scrabble with Brian (bf), so yeah, bad timing. XP She seemed surprised to hear from me. XP lol. I'll try again tomorrow, but seriously, that was bad timing - You don't want to hear from an ex-boyfriend (or anyone, for that matter, but especially an ex-boyfriend) when you're playing Scrabble with your boyfriend. XP She was nice, though. ^^;

And what's with nobody posting on Nippon while I've been gone? Huh? Huh?? Darnit, I expected to have a reason to post when I got here!

Ooh, almost forgot why I wanted to post in the first place! My aunt bought this cool thingie for $3 that's on the table downstairs now.. it's a mini iMac thingie that's a clock, calendar, radio, and calculator! It's awesome! But it was the last one, so I can't get one. ;.; Awwwwww. ;.;
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