Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Tower Records in Willow Lawn is going out of business, so they're selling everything at 30% off. I got the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus CD for $9.54. :) They didn't have the new Blue October CD, so I couldn't get that. :(

[Brook, you should import this CD to your iTunes.]

Cream cheese cravings are weird.

Spent some time looking in a lot of different stores for shoes; couldn't find anything I like. (I'm very picky.) Will go to Regency - I think that's where I got my current shoes - and see if I can't find something in the store there. If not, I might check online and see if I can't find the exact same shoes and order them. I really like them. When they were new and bright and not dirty, I got a LOT of people saying, "Your shoes are very ... loud." :D

BUT, I found a belt! That's pretty exciting; it's hard for me to find belts (or anything) that I like. Although, it's way too big for me - the smallest hole on it is still waaay to big for me (also, it's a 38, and I wear 30 pants) - so I'm going to have to have Dad drill a hole in it for me. And the remainder will wrap around my side. :P Oh well.

Lots of work to do today. Need to figure out what classes I'm taking, do my Russian homework and lab, and then get through a shitload of my .NET project. Have until Sunday to get through a lot of the .NET project, and then Ben and I are meeting Sunday to get the rest done (hopefully). It's due Monday at midnight.

Also have a lot of other stuff to do. But, in theory, the feeds I was looking for should be easier to find, because I was sort of looking for the wrong thing.

That's life in a nutshell, folks. Busy. :P
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