Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Whee Erin kicked me in the shin and Katie spanked me. Then I did the play mostly without a script, and I made a major revision in it (Conner pops up early to say an extra line, then goes away again.. it's funny XP Our play's basically just one big joke :P Carter's a great director). So yeah.. I've got 2 papers, a project, and a short story to do, and I have no weekend to work on them. I certainly hope, though, that that's basically all the work I'll have (minus studying for things.. though I wish I didn't have that either). Just two and a half more weeks, and then exams.. I really wish I didn't have to take exams - they're gonna suck majorly. ::shrug:: Oh well. After that.. I'm going to have a very busy summer. ::sigh:: And I won't be able to have people over, and I won't be able to drive myself places.. this is gonna suck a lot. I have to see if I can do a class at J Sarge and Guard.. cuz I won't have transportation. ::shrug:: If not, no class for me - Guard comes first; I can do class when I'm actually in college. ::shrug again::
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