Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Tshirt Hell Hate Mail

I thought this one deserved a spotlight.

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From: Susan S.

Sent: Saturday, August 26, 2006 12:39 AM

I was viewing your website this afternoon, looking for a funny t-shirt to give to my brother. Your "whore of the month" is offensive and wrong. Welcome to Respect 101: There is no slang word that describes a promiscuous man; "slut", "whore", "ho", etc. are all female-centric words. Therefore that = sexist. REAL men respect women and don't call them whores. Women know better than to date a guy who calls them a whore or a slut.

Sorry, but your t-shirts are degrading and just plain stupid. I'm sure they don't make many people laugh (perhaps just bigots) and that women in their right state of mind would just laugh at your inflated ego and blatant bigotry. You're not getting any of my money and I'm telling allllllllll of my friends. We're always excited about educating the public about sexism.

Sincerely, Susan

(Editor's Note: I'm sorry, Susan, but I flunked Respect 101. The material was easy enough, but I had to drop the course after I called the professor a whore and carved the word 'slut' into her back with a razor. And based on your definition of what a real man is, real men don't exist. The man you're thinking of is called a homosexual. And the only reason they respect women is because they aren't trying to fuck them and, therefore, don't have to be with them long enough to discover that they are whores.

Why is it women that demand that they be respected are the ones least deserving of it? You know which women I respect? Women with a sense of humor who understand that getting upset over a fucking word is the only thing that gives it power. I get called a bitch all day long and after a while I just tune my mom out, but "women" like you respond like the bitches that you are and you think you're going to change minds instead reenforcing that fact that you are a bitch.

Regardless, even if your mentality weren't off-base, your judgment of us would be. If you had taken .5 seconds to look at the "Whore of the Month" page, you would've noticed that there are pictures of men and women. Jesus, man...stupidity is bad enough when it's informed, but when you don't even know what your complaining about it's time to find something more productive to do with your time. Like parking your car in the garage and leaving the car running with the windows rolled down. Do that and you'll never hear anyone call you a whore again. Bye whore.)
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