Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

<W-ll-am> well its nearly working
<BoltBait> You are aware, code that ALMOST works looks NOTHING like the code that ACTUALLY works.
<W-ll-am> dont tell me that, its due tomorrow

So, I've got this project due tomorrow... :(

[It's the one that was due Thursday; I took a 1 point hit for an extension until tomorrow noon - may have just given away 1 point I'll never get back. :(]

edit: YES! I got my merge sort working!

BUT! My selection sort is crazy-inefficient. :( Merge sort beats it like whoa every time. :/ Which is bad, because it's not supposed to beat it until there are more elements in the list.. :/ Dang.

Oh well. It works! It all works and doesn't blow up! (Even if selection sort is slow.) That means I'll be getting a good chunk of the credit for the program! Yes!

Also, I can do my projects in C#.NET now - which, actually, isn't really different than doing it in Java, but I'd rather do it in C#. Would be better to do it in VB.NET, but oh well.
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