Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

I'm having a great time at GMU, and The Illusionist was a great movie!, but while I'm online.. here's some bash!:

<@blaxthos> let me tell you what
<rambo_> what is what?
<@blaxthos> there were these two israeli bitches in my club tonight
<@blaxthos> that were fucking insane hot
<rambo_> jews are hot.
<@blaxthos> these jews were exceptionally hot
<rambo_> fresh from the oven hot?

<Anony-X> Whats the worst thing about rollerskating?
<Anony-X> Telling your parents your gay.

<gmip> aaaahahahahaha
<gmip> i just got banned from #america
<gmip> trivia game
<gmip> "what live cargo came over on the mayflower? *******
<gmip> so i said niggers
<gmip> guess i was wrong?
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