Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

A little bash for me, a little bash for you...

<Blarrrg> so my CD drive stopped working a couple days ago
<Blarrrg> i figured it must have just been the drivers
<Blarrrg> i looked around but couldn't find any, so i emailed the company requesting them
<Blarrrg> today i go to check my mail, and guess what i find
<Blarrrg> they mailed me a CD with them

<iMP> my friend just told me a horrible story
<iMP> so, he came to a shop on his bike and left it at the entrance
<iMP> he was inside the shop only for about 5 minutes
<iMP> when he came out, the bike was still there, but obviously something was wrong
<iMP> taking a close look, he noticed the absense of pedals.
<iMP> the country where people steal things they don't need at all just out of boredom has no future :(

<VsX> i had a great idea for a t-shirt, but part of it is trademarked
<VsX> the front will say "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil...."
<VsX> and the back will say "but touch and taste it ALL YOU WANT"
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