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Charger and homework.

My charger's not working, and my ibook has zero power (and I mean zero power.. not even a blinking dot). Which means that a) I can't do my Spanish work, and b) I need to refind sites online for my history stuff. ::sigh:: And I need to do all my history stuff tonight and print it, cuz I won't be able to finish it at school tomorrow. But the Spanish.. it's already late; I'm just hoping my teacher will have sympathy for computer troubles. I'll go to her in the morning and tell her that my charger doesn't work and my computer's dead, and I'll see if I can't borrow a charger and get it done for 6th.. maybe she'll let me turn it in then instead of before school like I was supposed to.

Tenshi, I don't suppose you guys have chargers in stock, do you?

EDIT: Wow, yeah, it's fried. One of the prongs on the inside is blacker than the other, and so is the tube into which it goes.. and when I put the two pieces together, it makes sparks. Yeah, the thing's pretty gone. Need another one. >.<

This is a very dangerous thing for me to have.. the sparks are too much fun. I need to put this thing away before I burn my house down. >.
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