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The Matrix (and other assorted things)

Practices were pretty much called off because of the weather, but I'll go in early to get Kendell to help me out in the morning tomorrow, and we'll have some time to practice before the actual tryout, so hopefully I'll be okay. >.< Darnit... (kinda wish we had gotten more practice in yesterday, but I still had lots of fun, and.. stuff..)

The Matrix was good, though it didn't live up to my expectations. As a whole, I thought the first one was better, though there were definitely some parts that I loved in this one (and I'm not talking about the sex scene; didn't particularly like that). And I have some hypotheses formulated about the next one and stuff, but I'll leave those out of here in respect of those that haven't seen it yet.

Only Jeff and ben showed up; Pat and Shima couldn't cuz Pat's dad was flipping out. Kinda sucked, cuz things are always fun when girls are around, but it was still tons of fun. Jeff left right after the movie, and I hung out with ben for about an hour as he waited for his dad to show up. Real "bonding time" ::giggle:: as we discussed occasions where we had cheated and such. :P When we were in Barnes & Noble, I was showing him some series that he should read (the Phule series by Robert Asprin, because one of the authors that he likes is Terry Pratchet, and the Book of Words series, because, in my opinion, the writer is even better than Jordan is, who is one of the best authors I have ever read. But the Book of Words series sends chills through you like every other page...), and he just picked up the fist book in each series and bought them. Not used to people doing that. :P Made me wish I had money (actually, I did, but I wasn't about to spend it, and I have plenty of books at home to read.. though I do want to reread the Book of Words series, and I don't own it).

Anyway, now I have lots of work to do.. that I'm probably not gonna be doing soon. But hopefully I'll get my Spanish and History done.. if I do, that'll be quite enough. :)
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