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What a day.

The Bar Mitzvah stuff in the morning was.. a mix of a lot of things. Not gonna go into detail (as I'm not going to go into detail on most of the day), but Tenshi - you sing like an angel.

And Grandpa... I love you. So very much... I truly, sincerely hope that there's a heaven and that you're there; if anyone deserved it, it'd be you.

I'll make a post about my grandpa later, sometime, though it won't come near to doing him justice. He was a great man... I... I miss him.

The "practice" was fun. Didn't get much actual practice in, but it was fun nonetheless, and we'll get practice in with the people trying out for Captain today. I think... well, I'll leave that for later. We'll see.

The dinner party was GREAT! Met (and danced with) lots of fun people; just had a blast in general. Was bouncing and jumping around and dancing all night. Ryuu picked a winner with his current girlfriend, and Tenshi's friend (don't remember her name) is just as bad as her family is. Dancing with Anthony was fun; I like the kid, and his slight lack of maturity is understandable at that age.. he'll grow out of it, and I like him. I was freaking Serena out all evening (just by existing, he he he), and then I made her dance with me (which also freaked her out). I got a lot of compliments from the lead singer of the band toward the end of the night on my dancing, and she said that Kiwi and I looked like we'd been dancing together for years. She asked where we took lessons. Kinda funny, since we both freaked out - neither of us knew what the heck we were doing. ^^

Had fun at Cary's house; played Rick's AWESOME life-gaining elf deck, haha.. that was fun; I ended up winning by waiting for Jeff and Travis to deck. XP Lol. I fell asleep just about as the BattleTech game was actually starting, but I hear that I took someone out before being blown to smithereens. :P Around 2:30 in the morning, Caitlin Graham and Cassie Sweeney rang the doorbell, then hid; we checked outside to see Cary's car TPed. Jeff and I, at least, were ready to go out there and beat the living hell out of whoever had done it, but Cary didn't want us to go outside the house. They rang the doorbell again, and this time they were standing there and admitted it. I would have gone out and beaten them (I was moving to), but Cary stopped me. I told him to call the cops on them; that was the only way they'd learn a lesson, likely - their parents wouldn't do much to them, and regardless, they wouldn't have learned anything from it. Cary's a wuss, though, and didn't want to. I was very displeased. His parents, in the morning, said that they're just looking for attention, and that it was prom night and more important for the police to be out trying to keep accidents down caused by drunk driving. I agree with them there, but they could wait and call today. Apparently, they (or at least Caitlin) had rung the doorbell in the middle of the night a number of times before, and I don't know what else. Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln were telling Rick and me about how they had had a snowman thing up in their front yard and it was stolen; Mrs. Lincoln got out there almost in time to catch them, but she didn't - it took them about 10 minutes to crawl back to their car, and then the car took off from Caitlin's house. She thinks it's some boy around our age. Either way, I don't see why Cary's still sweet on Caitlin; she doesn't deserve it. As for me, I can disregard Caitlin easily enough, but if I want to avoid Cassie, I have to quit the Rugby team.. which I'll probably do; it's the principle of the thing. Slater would understand, though he's not held in high graces right now, so I don't know if that helps or hurts my case. Either way, I don't really care; I don't care to be lead by Cassie in anything (nor think that such an irresponsible, childish brat should be allowed to lead anything).

So, now I'm gonna lie around for a bit, then go pick up a flag, then eat and let my mom have the car. Around 1:30, I'll go pick up Kendell and we'll go to 'Becca's house for practice.
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