Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Sometime last night/early this morning, my great uncle died. He was alive, well, and talking my ear off with another one of his business ideas when I saw him on June 10 for Elina's wedding, but he had something with his heart or pacemaker and he fell and I'm not entirely sure what happened. He was in the hospital, and he dropped into a coma 3 times before he died. He should have been put on machinery right off the bat, which would have stabilized him, but he wasn't.

This means 2 things:

1) A very sad event just took place. :(
2) Most of the people that were coming for my father's birthday are no longer coming. His two brothers and parts of their families will be here, but that's it. My parents themselves are leaving early Sunday morning for the funeral; I will remain here to see off their guests.

In other, happier news, I just had my first piece of velvet cake (which I plan to make in a week or so), and it was delicious.
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