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[I forgot to say yesterday that I also have a short story to write for English.]

We learned lots more stuff at Guard.. some of which I know I won't be able to do well, because I can't really do stuff that involves me to move and do stuff. Both today and yesterday I've gotten the usual whiny urges to quit.. but I get so much encouragement that I think I'm doing well regardless. I'll be coming in a little earlier tomorrow to make Kendell train with me.

And.. I get so much encouragement and comparisons to other new people (I don't get a chance to watch them myself) that I think I'm going to make it in.. so when (if? ::shrug::) I do, it won't feel as good, cuz I won't be as completely nervous about it. I think. [And I hope that either Rita or .. Elizabeth? .. get Guard Captain. :P] I was helping a couple people (Nanashi and tubby-girl-I-don't-like) during the last bit with some of their stuff, so I feel pretty good about that (seems mean, but yes, I feel good that I have it and they don't, because that means that a) I can help teach them, which I like doing, and b) I have a better shot of getting in!).

And unless we get a contract on the house quickly, my summer's basically screwed over. I can't have people over after Memorial Day until we get a contract on the house. ::sigh::

Oh, and something funny: whenever I type col (which is what I type to get to, then I scroll down one and hit enter), I now think "Color Guard." ^^
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