Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

<DaRk_oDiN>: So I get this notice in the mail saying my application was accepted at this college I applied to.
<DaRk_oDiN>: And I'm looking to get my degree in Computer Science and Technology from these people...
<DaRk_oDiN>: So, they schedule a placement test for me to take to see what ther classes I need to take.
<DaRk_oDiN>: That placement test happens to be on their website...
<DaRk_oDiN>: Turns out, their servers are friggen broken and I have to reschedule my placement test after witing for like two hours.
<DaRk_oDiN>: And I want these people to teach ME how to work on computers -_-
<DaRk_oDiN>: Maybe they wanted to show me the universal protocol of bullshitting your customers.
<DaRk_oDiN>: I mean, that's like me going to a culinary school and they're like "Sorry, we can't seem to figure out how this damn oven turns on, you're gonna have to come back later."

<@Pie> unemployment rocks
<@Commander> you got fired?
<@Pie> long story
<@Commander> well, you're not going anywhere
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