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I am SO screwed!

Okay, so, first off: got my one-act; it rocks. I play the lead (which means that I have a lot of lines to memorize). You people need to come see it when we put it on (night of the 28th).

Guard stuff: Turns out Thursday is 6-8, and the Friday help session is also 6-8. Which means: A) No Matrix for me on Thursday, and B) No work for me on Friday. I'll see the Matrix sometime else, and no work on Friday means that I can come late to see Ryuu do his readings (and try to sneak in without disrupting), so I get to see that and I get to see Tenshi in her pretty black dress. I don't get any money for Friday, though, and I need money badly. I won't be here for Memorial Day Weekend, so I took that off at work; I'm leaving the 13th - 15th of June available to work because I need to pay my parents back, and so AMA fun time will have to suffer.

I have play practice from 6-7 tomorrow, then on Tuesday and Wednesday. I have a Spanish project to finish tonight, as well as practice for Guard and read through chapter 12 of To Kill a Mockingbird. I have two papers to write for Stats before the end of the month, and I have a history project to work on (for which my individual research part will have to be done in the next few days). I also have to keep reading To Kill a Mockingbird. And memorize my lines for the play. And this Saturday I have the Bar Mitzvah stuff in the morning, possible Guard practice with some people during the day, Bar Mitzvah dinner at 8, then all-night game at Cary's house. Sunday.... don't have anything planned Sunday. Homework, I guess. And sleep. I'm screwed.... ::whimpers::

And I saw Elizabeth at Glory Days. But I suck, so yeah.

If you had planned on hanging out with me anytime this month.. rethink your plans. Cuz.. yeah. ::cries:: And if you see me online tonight, something is seriously, seriously wrong.

EDIT: Oh, and I'll be going to my spanish teacher for corrections on my project in the morning, so don't expect me to be there. And everything that I listed? That's not counting things that I don't plan on doing for other classes. Like studying for my Physics test (which I need to do if I don't want to fail the damn thing, since I haven't done any practice at all with that stupid crap!).
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