Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

James River prom was awesome.

Prom is definitely a lot more fun when you go with someone that can dance. And has a lot of cool friends.

The theme was Venice, and there was a cool poem on the little prom brochure thing, but I kept forgetting to grab one, so I can't post it for you all to read. In fact, I only got to read the first page (they're small pages), out of at least 3.

Prom seems to be mostly grinding at James River, but we got some 6-person grinds going on in there; lots of fun.

Getting out - definitely a good idea.

Need to email Rebecca and get that picture - should have a good picture of me to post soon (from afterprom - she dragged me to go get picture taken). Speaking of afterprom, there was hold 'em, and if we hadn't showed up so late, we'd have pwnd. Either way, we ended up doing very well. Cleaned a guy out with 2 pair A9. :P

I think there was more that I wanted to say, but it left my head the second I sat down at the computer.
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