Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Mommy took Daddy's eggs. ^^

I'm gonna go to see a George Thorogood (Bad to the Bone, One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer, etc.) concert in Innsbrook on the 21st with Alex and his friends. Should be cool. ^_^ He realized a while after he invited me that, since I don't drink, I could be the designated driver. Always glad to facilitate people's drinking. >.<

While we were at dinner, Mom and Dad were having a slight debate over the fact that Dad gave Mom half his eggs, and he was saying that he also took two sausages and two bacon strips. Alex broke in with (and I don't remember the exact words anymore), "I hate to say something on Mothers' Day, but... you took his eggs twenty-five years ago." XDDD That was great.

We're gonna go see Lizzie McGuire at Short Pump at 2:35. If someone were to just show up without my knowing that they were going to, it certainly would be an interesting surprise. Watch this LiveJournal for updates. Or you could call me if you just happen to be wondering what I'm doing today.
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