Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Oh Hell!

Well, I've coded an Oh Hell game for 3-7 players (found here) in Java. This, my part, runs the game text-based and doesn't clear the screen (which is hard in java, but easy enough if you just make a clear() function that prints out 100 blank lines), but it's still pretty nifty. :) The final product (due on the second of May, I guess) will have a graphical UI, the ability to chat, and it will be a server-client model game able to run on different machines anywhere (given that there's a server up and everyone who wants to play has a client-version of the game).

Rules of Oh Hell:

Standard deck of 28 or 52 cards (8s and higher if 3 players, all cards if more).
You get a variable number of cards every hand (starting at 1 and going up from there; once you reach the maximum, there are different rules depending on how many players you have).
One trump suit (shown by the trump card) in each hand.
Left of the dealer starts (both bidding and play).

You bid how many cards you think you're going to take.
Then you throw down cards in tricks. You have to follow suit, unless you don't have it, in which case you can play any card - such as a trump card to take the trick (unless you're out-trumped). [NOTE: You CAN actually throw down any card in your hand, but if you're caught cheating, you lose 20 points.]
Scoring is done as such at the end of the hand (when all tricks have played out):
  If you got your bid, you get (10 + bid) points.
  If you got under your bid, you lose (your bid) points.
  If you got over your bid, you lose (your tricks) points.
First player to 100 points wins. No tiebreakers - if more than one person beats 100 and they all have the same top score at the end, they all win.

:) This took a total of about 13 hours to code and debug.
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