Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

AHAHA pwnd.

Conversation between James and Professor Choi:

James: Do you know what a Zephyr is?
Choi: No.
James: It's a flying boat that flies through magical properties. It's a term coined by the Dutch.
Choi: Do you know what a Nimbus 2000 is?
James: That sounds familiar..
Choi: I used to ride one.
James starts looking it up.
Choi: No, don't look it up.
James finds it. Everyone laughs.
Me: You just got pwned by the professor.

edit: Choi: Print it out and turn it into me. You can use the owl.
James: Owl?
James starts looking on desktop.
Then he realizes that he just got pwned again.
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