Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Guard competition today.

We sucked so hard, it's amazing. Nobody knew their work (we haven't practiced in a week, some of us in two) - but on the plus side, this is the first time we've done the floor right. :P

I'm not sure how we did it, but we had a 4.1 point increase from last show, bringing us to 67.4. And apparently a lot of guards went down in score this time around, so I'm very surprised that we made it up, because almost EVERYBODY had a bad show, we were all off, we had people starting 5 counts early, etc. It really was the worst performance we've had by FAR.

We got 3rd out of .. 5 or 6. I know there were supposed to be 6, but I don't remember if they called 2 or 3 guard before they called us. CNU got first (and they've got a damned good show!) and Pandemonium got second - which I'm glad of, because I think CNU is better.

The people who were supposed to go out to accept awards didn't actually show, so Kirby, Andrew and I jumped into line when we were trying to leave so that there would at least be some representation. It was pretty funny. We got $15 for coming in third, which went to buy us tacos. Thanks, guard!

I'm definitely having a blast with this guard. A lot more mature and fun than Godwin guard. (Speaking of which, they came in first, and I actually saw their show - SO GOOD! And Katey's got solos for about half the show! It's pretty amazing to watch.)

Definitely good times.
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