Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Oh yeah.. and I took my US History AP today. It was pretty cool; I think I got a 4 on it. (Definitely got a 5 on my Stats AP.) Everything we went over yesterday was on the multiple choice; it was awesome; I was just going along, and I saw them.. and knew them right off the bat. They were so easy! ::laughs:: I'm glad people asked the right questions yesterday. And the DBQ was on the FDR administration, which not only did we basically do yesterday in a practice DBQ, but that's also what one of my books that I did a book review was on! !! !!! :D! ::laughs:: I think I did pretty well. :) Now let me survive this Saturday, and things will be cool. If we have time on Sunday, we may all go see X-2 again.. Eric needs to see it.
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