Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Okay, I finally have a campaign underway that I should be able to get a good chunk of done easily enough and that isn't completely off-the-wall (like the Suddenly Divine idea was - Yes, Slater, I've dropped that idea for now). I've got the first 2 player handouts ready and some ideas; I'm not going to pour millions of details into this, because, well, it just kills my drive to finish games. Instead, I'll provide details where they're needed, and if I really need to develop something a whole lot further, I'll do it in between sessions. I should be good, though - I'm generally pretty good on the fly.

So yes, this summer, I'll be running my own campaign. First thing I've run in a couple years. It should be pretty interesting; I've got some fun things in store, and I can pull out some of the tricks I had in the last game that I ran that we didn't get around to actually encountering.. assuming I can find my notebook for that one.

It'll likely be level 3-4, and we'll spend the first session creating characters and just taking care of the first day/night, probably.
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