Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

[06:59] <Tbqbsjvar[B]> .............jesus - you try and give a poor man a break and i get this? doing good things just isn't worth it :P
[06:59] <Faulcon> about time you realised that

[06:59] <Guderian[AJ]> The best way to help a poor man get on his feet is treat him the same as everyone else..
[07:00] <Faulcon> like shit?
[07:00] <Guderian[AJ]> Yes
[07:00] <dixi[K]> Yep.
[07:00] <Tbqbsjvar[B]> lol
[07:00] <Guderian[AJ]> They're in developing countries, they're not going to develop if we have to mollycoddle them all the time
[07:00] <Tbqbsjvar[B]> well whatever you can say about TVSers - we're clearly not hippies
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