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My 301 exam was extremely easy! (Studying definitely helped - it's a good thing that the take-home part of the exam was given, because that was heavily covered on the in-class part as well.) There was only one part I didn't know - what bipartite means - and that was only 2% of the grade.

I went in with an 83.89%, so I need a 92% on the exam to get an A in the class or a 69.5% to get a B in the class. :D WOOHOO!!!

This is the class that I was CERTAIN I was going to get a C in - I'm now pretty confident I got an A. :) 310 ended up being the class that really sucked gradewise - but if I get an A in 301, a C in 310 is plenty fine! They average out to a B. That's 6 credits of B, and I'm pretty sure that PHIL101 and CMSC256 are both As, so that's 6 credits of A, and all that's left is my Physics exam in 2 hours. (Will be studying for that soon with Travis.) I need around a 90 on the exam to get an A in the course - but with the grades working out as they are, it doesn't even matter. I could have 6 credits of B and 11 credits of A or 6 credits of A and 11 credits of B. I don't really care either way - I'd much prefer the latter, of course, and I plan on aiming for it, but now the pressure's off; I've got above a 3.0 no matter what I get on Physics. :)

Possible scenarios at the moment (that I think are likely):

A: CMSC256, PHIL101, PHYS207, CMSC301
C: MATH310
GPA: 3.65

A: CMSC256, PHIL101, CMSC301
B: PHYS207
C: MATH310
GPA: 3.35

I don't thik it too likely that I got a B in MATH310, but if I did, that'll bring it up, and I don't think it likely that I didn't get an A in CMSC301, but if I did, then that'll bring it down. If I got a B in 310 and a B in 301, the averages don't change. :)

Pretty good for the semester, I think, especially considering how little work I did and how not good my grades were. :P The exams are actually helping! I'm amazed. That normally doesn't happen. :)
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