Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

:) (Yes, more TVS quotes.)

ChiliDog (Boraxian) Posted - 30 November 2005 0:33 Edit Message
Fight would go longer if we didn't have some ****ers afraid of dying.


it'll be the reason we lose.

Guderian (Krilgorian) Posted - 30 November 2005 0:50 Edit Message
Now you see the difference between a good legion and a mediocre one.

happy (Tibran) Posted - 30 November 2005 3:16 Edit Message
That's right, a good legion, like the tibs, doesn't lose a single ship in the entire day of fighting. In fact most of us gained health as the day went on.

ChiliDog (Boraxian) Posted - 30 November 2005 4:41 Edit Message
Actually happy - that's the difference between a real opponent and a group of lemons. :)

The current Krils have displayed awesome power.

Final minutes firing - hard to defend.
Great target choices (could be better honestly), but very thorough - they get regular kills.

High activity - would love to know who the legion "whip" is.

Pilots who absorb a lot of fire. Who hyper late and follow the target list. Except whykt - she's all over the place. HeeHee.

Pilots back into the fray as quick as possible.

Hard to beat.

Hats off to the Krils - this was one cracker fight - all the talk over here on team Bor. We thought we had you, but it's not over yet; could get very interesting.

[Yes, the blue should be yellow, but yellow doesn't show up as well.]
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