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[15:43] <Guderian[K]> You've damaged the social structure as we know it
[15:43] <Guderian[K]> It's all going to go to pot now :(
[15:43] <Ailill[B]> it was anyway
[15:43] <dixi[work]> I agree.
[15:43] <Guderian[K]> Well, you've sped up the process
[15:43] <dixi[work]> At least if the social structure collapses, general panic will ensue and I can start killing people.
[15:43] <Guderian[K]> To the detriment of mankind
[15:44] <dixi[work]> Yes, that has been my evil goal all along.
[15:44] <Guderian[K]> You are an enemy of the Human Race
[15:44] <Guderian[K]> And will be treated as such
[15:44] <Ailill[B]> why would u start killing ppl thats going to far
[15:44] <dixi[work]> When I am king, you will be first against the wall, Ailill.
[15:44] <Ailill[B]> erm erm.....ull never be king
[15:44] <scar[t]issue> raidohead quotes now dixi? :P
[15:45] <dixi[work]> For being a YELLOW SKIN!
[15:45] <dixi[work]> lol
[15:45] <dixi[work]> don't break my concentration, scart :P
[15:45] <Ailill[B]> lol
[15:45] <Guderian[K]> You'll find that Radiohead quite dixi, Scar
[15:46] <Guderian[K]> quote*
[15:46] <Guderian[K]> Almost all of their songs are based on a poem by dixi :-/
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