Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

::cough cough::

School went by pretty quickly.. sickness sucks. >_< After school, I went to the district court and got my plastic license (though I'll need to go in to the DMV to get the donor symbol off and get a new picture while I'm there :P); that was pretty cool - judge was funny and the stories weren't so depressing. On the way home, we saw the remains of an accident (rear-ending.. hey, that might explain the traffic!), and I saw a cop using a tape measure to measure the skid.. I know what that means! ^^;

Anyway, was thinking about stuff. I need to fill out my stuff for AMA3 and get that to Faji.. Now I'm gonna go eat cuz I'm hungry...ish. :P

Oh yeah, before I go, gotta leave you with this. ^^ toodles! :P
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