Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Work is cool.

I sit around and do nothing and get paid. :D I think I've picked up the phone a total of 3 times. And that's about it.

Soon (assuming they can get the printer to work right) I'll be stuffing envelopes or somesuch, but woohoo! :D

I've found some stuff for my site, read up a bit on Real Life, looked up CAP at UR.. Fun stuff. :) I didn't bring a book or anything this time because I didn't want to look like I came prepared to slack, but I will next time.

Lunch soon! I'm hungry. :)

edit: "Something to think about. We're having a party here on Dec. 9, if you want to work then; it'd be a really long day.. but we need people, you know, greet people, coat rack.."
"I can be a coat rack."
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