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That was fun! We saw X-Men 2 (good movie; good looking people ^^ both sexes ^^;), and I got to sit around for the whole movie with my arms around Katie and Tenshi (while Cary was looking at me funny XP). I'm a pimp. ^^ XP That was great. Slater, Afton, Jeff, and Nanashi sat in the back, while Cary, Monkey, Tenshi, Katie, and I sat in the front (waaaaaay in the front) cuz there weren't enough seats. >_< Need to get there earlier next time. :P And I accidentally gave them my Matrix: Reloaded ticket instead of my X-Men 2 ticket.. but as long as I get there early and show them the stub and ticket and explain, I can get in, so it'll be all good hopefully. ^^

Slater, Afton, and Tenshi left while Katie, Jeff, Nanashi, Cary and I went to Burger King.. then Cary left and the rest of us went to Barnes and Noble. Then Jeff went to take Nanashi home, and Katie and I went to Walmart (I had to pick up some Hot Pockets and milk ^^), then I dropped Katie off and here I am! ^_^

Now.. I need to study. :P Good luck with the paper, Tenshi! ^_^;;
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