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Oh, it's a Saturday night; that explains why the cops are out in force.

However, what explains this?: I was driving toward a red light on Broad in the middle lane behind a car, we're slowing down and there's a cop with his lights on in the right turning lane. He turns his lights off as he pulls out into the right lane and the light turns green; we start speeding up. He merges in front of me (turning his signal on once in the middle of the merge), then after a few yards turns his lights on and pulls over the car in front of me - that's going exactly the speed limit and doesn't seem to be speeding up any. Wtf?

Anyway, Serenity was an awesome movie! I suggest you all see it. Absolutely hilarious; reminds me of our gaming group a lot.

"If anything happens, if you don't hear from me within an hour... come rescue me."
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