Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

It's difficult to argue when you don't have a completely full grasp on the concepts involved, especially when both sides of the argument are, seemingly, two sides to the same coin. And even more especially when you have a worthy adversary in the argument that can hold their own and present good arguments. This is what I live for. And we both seek to get to the truth, not to insult or belittle the other person, nor get angry or emotional about it. The goal is truth, which is as it should be. Too many people feel that any debate is a personal attack.

Das Geisteskrank: (Back.)
JimBob4554: (Welcome.)
Das Geisteskrank: (Thank you.)

That should be the attitude in the middle of any debate. Civility.

Without further ado, the search for the meaning of life. [Warning: This is about 10 pages long.]

edit: JBlade8915: but then... we stopped having things to argue about
JBlade8915: what happened to us Kevin? Where did we go right?
JimBob4554: ROFL
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