Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

My compy died Thursday night. My dad's been working on it for like 28 hours solid; seems to have been a combination of problems. He's getting somewhere - to the point that he can figure out if the hard drive crashed or not. :P *Sigh* If he can't get things working, my brother'll take a look at it when he's in next weekend. But if neither of them can get it, then I've lost everything on there. Luckily, I don't keep a lot of stuff on my computer anymore, but whatever I haven't uploaded onto is gone - including the cool new story that Jeff and I put together.


Going to pick up Rhi pretty soon; you all should come meet her at Cry Wolf tomorrow at 1:35. *starts making calls to make sure that happens*

Ouu, and I'm out of the pokey for good. :-)

edit: Nevermind, my dad tried to reformat my harddrive like 10 times while trying to fix it; it's all gone. *sigh* :/
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