Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Im87little: I'm watching some show called 48 hours about murder and such
JimBob4554: Cool beans.
Im87little: if you were EVER a suspect...
Im87little: for anything
Im87little: your interview if an honest one would probably scared the police and make them think you were completely guilty
JimBob4554: You'd prolly agree with the authorities and be like, "Yeah, I could see him doing it."
JimBob4554: lol
Im87little: you'd have to lie to make them believe you
JimBob4554: that's harsh
JimBob4554: you're mean
JimBob4554: :P

edit: Im87little: NO...
Im87little: just based on the two stories on tonight
Im87little: THis guy asked some girl if she would be alright staying at some other guys house and the police are like "you murderer you care about some girl at a random guys house"
JimBob4554: wtf?!

Okay, so if that's the way it works, then yeah, that's true. They'd be like, "You're too caring to exist in this world. You're obviously a murderer."
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