Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

So yesterday I spent the day with Amanda. It was a lot of fun. And it was really cool, cuz it was just comfortable walking around and talking, even though it was only the second time I'd seen her - guess that's what happens when you know someone for 5 years (and have seen enough pictures :P). But it was good to be with someone with whom I have a nice relationship, like a lot of the ones I have from the old group, instead of the sarcastic ones I have with all the friends I've made over the past few years.


The Random Question Meme!

An array of completely random questions about my friends!

How did you meet ieatboys?
I don't remember, actually.
Whom is dalralmi attracted to?
What is amaya_no_yume's religion?
What would you say at arabic_jewel's funeral?
She was a really good friend, and will be missed dearly.
How many licks would shimarisu666 take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
She'd get frustrated and bite it. I know she would.
If starlightpiper and tenshirei were superheroes, which one would be the sidekick?
Tenshi. lol. "If starlightpiper and [anyone] were superheroes,..."
What was the last game you played with nickwolfwoodt?
"Argue argue I don't like you" via LJ. I think. Maybe not, though, if he's still on my friends list..
Of kujiro and twstdkittie, who would call shotgun first?
How long have you known fantasygoat?
Heh, he's been on my friends page for a few months because he posts funny pictures.
What would _broken_toy_ and i_love_dinos inherit from tatsuhamm's will?

This is by heptadecagram. You can find your own completely random questions here.

Do you feel enlightened now?

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