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1) What do you disagree with xsmylesx about? How awesome UVA is. :P
2) What would lokicoyote think of sorrelchestnut? Hmm. You know, I really don't know. I think they'd probably hit it off.
3) Is i_love_dinos dead sexy? Totally.
4) What is cal83's favorite movie? No idea.
5) What planet should jadeempress be from? All of them.
6) What is _broken_toy_'s favorite game? DDR.
7) Do you have a crush on shimarisu666? No.
8) What flavor of jello would n49945 be? Sky.
9) If uvabobby took over the world, who would be happy? People who want fairness and goodness in the world. Like me.
10) What is flo2k's favorite food? I'm not sure.
11) What would n49945 do differently in your shoes? A LOT of things, I have no doubt.
12) Do you have elusivesilence's screenname? Yeppers. Though I don't normally talk to him. [...wait, it's not on my buddy list anymore. well, i know it.]
13) Which of your friends should jblade8 go out with? Hmm, I'm not sure.. There was someone, though. I just forget.
14) Is hinote666 introverted or extroverted? Introverted, definitely.
15) What color should jadeempress dye their hair? Red!
16) What animal does fakerainbowz remind you of? Uhm.. puppy.
17) Where would amaya_no_yume most like to visit? Japan?
18) Which president would n49945 be likely to idolize? I'm not sure. That'd be a good thing to know, though.
19) How tall is kazamiu? He's kinda short. Eh? EH? ;)
20) How would n49945 conquer the world? Superior air force.
21) How would nanashidesu kill a_darker_shade? o.o :( With shiny things.
22) If _broken_toy_ was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Bobby. Totally.
23) Are kohakuenergy and kazamiu married? Nope.
24) If snackandpants were hanging off a cliff, what would lokicoyote do? Try to help. While freaking out.
25) What would you do if you found out lokicoyote has a crush on you? o.o Be like, "What?"
26) Does dreamster do drugs? No. And she best not!
27) If fakerainbowz and i_love_dinos were spliced together, what would be its name? Trolly. XD
28) Is jblade8 a high school student? Nope.
29) Could you see cal83 and usmc_wolf together? Not really.
30) Does mystedraveneyes have a big secret? I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you. Though, I do like killing things..
31) What animal should kujiro be combined with? Ooh.. giraffe. Just cuz that'd be funny.
32) What is flo2k allergic to? Heh, not sure.
33) Has hinote666 been to your house/dorm? A few times, I think..
34) Is fakerainbowz your best friend? No, but she IS my little sister!
35) What rank would bombaygin have in a giant robot army? Mistress.
36) Would starlightpiper and fakerainbowz look good together? O.O Not so much.
37) Is nanashidesu athletic? She probably could be if she wanted to be.
38) What is shimarisu666's biggest flaw? Stresses too much.
39) Would spookydeuce go out with starlightpiper? You know, I don't know. I bet she would.
40) Does orotaku have a dog? Yep.
41) Is konekonoarashi single? Nope.
42) Do lil_insanity and tatsuhamm go to the same school? They did.
43) Is hinote666 a college student? Nope.
44) Would you set up konekonoarashi and kohakuenergy? Heh, if they wanted me to. But I think both are happy where they are. :)
45) Does malconent have a crush on uvabobby? Doubtful.
46) Are lokicoyote and matrixizedjesus going steady? Nope.
47) What is knightofstarz's favorite band/artist? I dunno.
48) If macoto and kohakuenergy were siamese twins, where would they be joined? Brain. And by that I mean Derek would eat Ally's brain.
49) Where was burntblood born? Atlanta?
50) Does lil_insanity go to your school? Used to.
51) Do you think orotaku is hot? XP She's honestly not really my type. We make better friends, I think.
52) Is matrixizedjesus friends with pudding_blob? Yeah!
53) If i_love_dinos commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? HAHAHA everyone.
54) Is dalralmi a nerd? YES. XP
55) Is hinote666 in a relationship? I think so. I don't know though. We haven't talked about it.
56) When did you last call mystedraveneyes? Too long ago. :(
57) What word best describes a_darker_shade? Redhead. XP
58) spookydeuce's hair color? Black! And pretty. :)
59) Thoughts on kohakuenergy? Ohh so sexay! XD (She's a nifty kid, she is.)
60) What exotic animal would mystedraveneyes like as a pet? Ohh.. a dragon?
61) If spookydeuce and sorrelchestnut were spliced together, what would it be like? Asian.
62) What languages does matrixizedjesus speak? English and French.
63) Is bombaygin popular? She's kinda an introvert, but she's popular with me! And my family. < 3 < 3
64) What is fakerainbowz's favorite color? DAMMIT I SHOULD KNOW THIS ONE.
65) Has usmc_wolf dyed their hair? Not that I know of, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had without telling me. (Just temporarily, for a costume.)
66) Is fakerainbowz an emo? Haha kinda. :P
67) What would you do if i_love_dinos died? Be very, very sad. :(:(:( DON'T DIE!
68) nanashidesu's eye color?
69) How long would knightofstarz dating kohakuenergy last? Probably a while.
70) Would hinote666 be a better ninja or pirate? PIRATE!
71) What do you agree with elusivesilence about? Ouu.. A lot of things, actually.
72) Does malconent smoke? Not that I know of. She best not.
73) Have you ever dated pudding_blob? Nope.
74) Is shimarisu666 related to you? Not in any normal contemporary sense of the word. Unless you mean is she Jewish. In which case, yes.
75) If snackandpants had a superpower, what would it be? He totally does. SNTs!
76) How many monkeys could spookydeuce fight at once and win against? 6. I think the 7th would just be too much for her.
77) One quality you find attractive in spookydeuce? Optimism.
78) One thing you can't stand about tenshirei? She doesn't talk to me anymore. :( (Okay, so that's my fault. Hush.)
79) What comic book character would tenshirei be? Peter Parker.
80) Does amaya_no_yume know macoto? Yep.
81) What song/movie would you recommend to usmc_wolf? TNBC. Just cuz. I love it.
82) Did bombaygin break up with you? HAHA no, but she used to hit on my teasingly when I was younger. XP It was cool.
83) Are sorrelchestnut and userbob0001 going out? Nope.
84) If hinote666 took over the world, who would suffer? Carter all over again..
85) Does sorrelchestnut travel a lot? Not particularly.
86) Have you flirted with konekonoarashi? Probably. Who haven't I flirted with?
87) What video game does cal83 remind you of? Halo. Mostly cuz I saw him playing Halo2.
88) What mental disorder does dreamster remind you of? o.o Depression.
89) Where was shimarisu666 born? I'm not sure.
90) Is konekonoarashi 1337? Totally.
91) What would userbob0001 give sorrelchestnut for his/her birthday? Probably avoid it. ;)
92) Would dalralmi and starlightpiper make a good couple? I don't think so. I don't think that's what either of them would be looking for.
93) Would you wrestle bombaygin in jello? HAHA she'd kick my ass. ;_j
94) Is xsmylesx related to cal83? Nope.
95) How long have you known flo2k? About 3 years.
96) Does sorrelchestnut drink? I think so.
97) Would you make out with jadeempress? Hmm.. yes.
98) What is elusivesilence's shoe size? I dunno.
99) Would you ever date i_love_dinos? *blink* I don't know her that well.
100) Where did you first meet spookydeuce? Online. Telling her that Slater is God. XP
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