Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Anyone wanna come see Lucky Stiff (first one) on Friday the 26th? Doors open at 6, buffet starts at 6:30 if you want to get that, and show starts at 8. :D Looks like fun.

$29.50 for ticket or $39.50 for ticket and buffet. Everyone should come with me! :) It's opening night! They're not too full now, but that could change, so get tickets early! :D And let me know cuz I wanna bring people. ^^ Though I'll go on my own if need be.

edit: From the authors of "Ragtime," "Once on this Island," and "Seussical" comes this very funny murder mystery musical farce about an unassuming English shoe salesman forced to take the corpse of his murdered uncle on a vacation to Monte Carlo. A $6,000,000 inheritance is at stake as a cast of zany characters tries to foil our hero and claim the loot.
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