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Unless you play Hold 'Em, you won't get some of what I'm saying here, so let me start out with the important part: I sat down with $20 and got up with $50.

The table saw AA 4 times.. and they weren't cracked once. I was amazed. I had it 3 of those 4 times.. I went all in ($10) the first, and the other two, I had Jimmy going all in against me. (He plays really badly. :/) Cleaned him out both times.

The last few hands I played, I had the following, in order of 3 of 3 hands:

AQo - raised to $7 and everyone folded (I prefer to buy pots than play them on draws; I hate seeing my draws beaten :/)
AKs - had $3 coming at me, raised to $7, everyone folded

Not a bad night. :)
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