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Wow, that was funny.

Just finished helping David move out of his apartment. Fastest 4 hours of my life. At the end, we were trying to fit his couch, love seat, and table in the back of our van. We put the couch and love seat in so that there was a big hole in the middle and unscrewed the legs off the table and tried to put it in there; GOD I wish I had my camera on me; that was HILARIOUS! It ALMOST worked, but it didn't, so we took it out and Kelsey lay down in there all the way back. We put the table in the back of David's car.. It was a little too big, so one door didn't close, so we took a small extension cord and tied it around the door and Logan held the extension cord all the way back (as we passed a bunch of cops arresting some guy).

Met a couple cool kids (Logan and Kelsey); hopefully I can get them to burger night. (BURGERS! I want a burger now. I'm hungry!)

Well, gonna go grab some food then head to bed; work to do tomorrow! Night night! *energy!*
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