Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

I post this just because whirlingmadness fell where it did.. XDDD So fitting.

If your friends were in a generic High School shoujo manga...
by Sangosama
Your LJ/Xanga name:
The excessively hyper and positive Hero/Heroine:deathdisciple
The quirky best friend (and sometimes rival):goddessleila
The athletically adept tomboy:usmc_wolf
The cross-dressing bishonen/bishoujo:scrapdog
The unbelievably brilliant archnemesis:flo2k
The permanently angsty bishonen:bombaygin
The Yankee who is inevitably saved by the Hero/Heroine:n49945
The sage (yet sultry) school nurse...with a dark past!:whirlingmadness
The science teacher all the girls (and some of the boys) have a not-so-secret crush on:ravenbf
The megalomaniacal school Prinicipal:kohakuenergy

(Check here if this is a Xanga account, not an LJ: )
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