Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

70% Pure - Dr. Seuss Purity Test -

I. What if…

…You had a chance to go back in time but would lose the chance to undo what you do?: I don't know. Yes...

...You could be beautiful but stupid or ugly but intelligent?: Beautiful but stupid...

...You had the choice to either die young without pain or older with pain?: I don't know. Dying young sounds good.

...You could be rich and famous and unhappy or poor and happy?: Happy...

…You could be fat and marry the guy/girl of your dreams or skinny and marry no one?: Fat. Of course.

…You got separated from your family in an airport?: I'd call them.

…You were kidnapped?: I've been thinking about that. I might enjoy it..

…You were locked outside your house?: Call my mom.

…You had to chose between saving your true love or best friend and could only save one, but could sacrifice yourself to save both?: Sacrifice.

…You could say only one thing before you died?: "I love you."

…You were about to die in three weeks?: I don't know. I'd probably still be too scared to do anything...

…You could live in another era?: No... Not on my own.

…You had the choice between life in prision or death penalty?: Life in prison doesn't always equate life in prison. It's tough to get parole from the death penalty. I don't know.

…You had the choice between a high paying but boring job, or a reasonable-paying fun job?: The second as an end.

II. Would you…

…Sacrifice a big job if it meant being with your first love?: No. [I'm assuming "first love" is meant in a chronological sense. If it's not, then yes.]

…Sacrifice your health for lesser health and greater happiness?: It depends on the situation.

…Move to another country?: Yes.

…Move away from your family?: Yes.

…Use a time Travel Machine if it was invented?: I don't know.. I'd be tempted..

…Use drugs if they were legal?: No.

…Ever have your head frozen?: ... Umm.

…Ever have your head shaved completely bald?: If I had reason.

…Have children knowing they will develop a fatal disease and die before age five?: Maybe..

…Give a close friend or family member $5,000 even though they could never pay you back and you had the money?: Yes. Of course. Even if I didn't have the money, if they needed it, I'd give them everything I could.

…Give a speech in front of the entire world?: If I could practice. A lot.

…Eat a human heart?: Depends on the circumstances.

…Eat something molded?: Also depends on the circumstances.

…Play Video Games for 24 hours straight?: Now? Probably not. Used to be, though.

III. Have you ever…

…Done something unforgivable in the eyes of society?: Yes.

…Mooned someone?: No.

…Written a Love letter?: Yes.

…Been to jail?: No.

…Had something published?: Vaguely.

…Been kicked off a website, forums, xanga etc.?: Not in my memory.

…Said something you regret?: Yes............ very much so.

…Stayed up the entire night without sleeping?: Yes. Many times.

…Done something illegal while driving besides speeding?: Yes.

…Been in a car accident?: Yes.

…Done something you regret with all your heart?: Yes.........

…Done something worthy of the death penalty?: In my eyes.

…Ran away from something?: Yes..

…Jumped out a window?: Not yet..

IV. Which is worse…

…Dying alone or dying in pain?: Alone.

…Being rejected or being betrayed?: I don't know. Betrayed makes me angry, but rejected makes me sad.. it's much easier to be angry than it is to be sad.

…Being in a car crash or choking?: Choking.

…Waiting fifty years for someone and seeing them afterwards or seeing someone for five years and never again?: I don't know. If I never see them again, it's probably not so bad.

…Losing your prized procession or five processions?: Okay.

…Being on an island for ten years, or realizing you were only five miles from a major country?: Uhh, I dunno. I'd think the second, since the first happens either way.

…Being Deaf or Blind?: Blind.

…Breaking your arm or your leg?: Arm? I dunno.

…Having a cold or a headache?: Cold, generally.

…Upset stomach or throwing up?: I don't know.

…Burning alive or drowning?: Also don't know.

…Lost in the woods or losing your family in the mall?: Lost in the woods.

…Losing your greatest writing or your greatest artwork?: Heh.. I don't have any great artwork. Then again, I can't write for shit either.

…Losing all your teeth or all your fingers?: Fingers? You can get fake teeth.

V. Took a risk…

…Proclaimed your love?: Yes. Learned to be more careful about that, too.

…Waited till the last minute to complete something?: Of course.

…Asked your dream guy/girl out?: Yes..

…Said something honest but stupid?: All the time.

…Told someone a secret?: Yes.

…Decided to live on your own?: Yeah.

…paid money to enter a risky contest?: Yeah.

…Tried out for a sport?: No. Unless you count Guard.

…Been through a shady alley/place?: Yeah.

…Been through a grave yard late at night?: I don't think so.

…Drove for ten hours straight?: Straight? No. I've driven for almost 10 with a couple stops..

…Didn’t wear a seatbelt with a police officer nearby?: No.

…Called the police?: Yes.

…Did something illegal?: Yes.
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