Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Must there be this wall between us?
Can't we just see through the cracks?
Bring it down and throw it sideways,
Let us see just who we are.

Future's cloudy, past is bleak,
What is there left to lose?
One step forward, four steps back,
What is it that we have to prove?

What is it that we have to prove?


Restraint control but weakness too,
I cannot see these fucked days through.
Tomorrow never better, never comes;
Broken can't be fixed again.

Lying sideways balled up tight,
Hours pass like seconds in my mind;
Absolution lies but in the clean of death;
It's so clear, but so hard to control.

I try my steps but they will never do,
It must be all one go;
And should I manage to finally follow through,
Would it destroy you?

Or would I be just another faded memory?
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