Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

I keep forgetting not to rub my eyes when I have my contacts in.

Other than that, today's been a pretty kickass day. Got 5 and a half leads, but that's not even it. Around 5, I knocked on a door, and it turned out to be the elderly couple I had seen walking earlier. [Their house is covered in steel siding, btb; I've never even heard of that.] They invite me in for water, and I end up spending half an hour in there, looking at all this Indian stuff and listening to them talk. Turns out, the guy is Rex Wilson; he was an archeologist for the Dept. of the Interior, and he is the authority on bottles from 1850-1890. He's got a book that the other archeologists use. This was pretty insane! I heard a lot of fascinating stuff. John's probably gonna kill me for spending half an hour of my marketing time there, though. XP But I say it's worth it. And when I was leaving, his wife said that I am "polite, clean, and use the language well," which is what people look for when they're hiring, and that I'll do well. :P Though, I'm not particularly looking to get hired by anyone (except by Jed as a DM next year), but still, that was nice to hear. :)

Also knocked on the door of a man whose grandson is doing the CWP program down in Williamsburg. And I've been getting a lot of "Good luck!" today, since I was telling people I was trying to raise money for tuition. Hmm.. People seem to respond to that fairly well.

Almost at the end of my marketing, I found a contracter that seems like he does quality work that I can use for carpentry work. Last year was his last year doing exterior painting, so I don't have to worry about him stealing my business - in fact, he'll be, hopefully, sending painting business my way. And he works with higher-end clients, so he can't just refer anyone to them, so he was asking me about my experience and quality and such. I was nervous at that point, but I was telling him how we go through training and stuff, and I said that 70% of our job is prep work, and he said, "Stop right there. That's all I need to hear." XD He knows the value of good prep work (which is part of the reason why I think he does quality work). He's in the upper end of prices, so I'll have to warn people about that, but quality work is worth paying for. Plus, that means he works with people who have money and like quality, so hopefully I'll be able to book them more easily. XP

And I found a painter lead for next year's branch manager, but I didn't take his name down. I should have, but I just gave him a flier and told him to call the office next year. *shrug* I gotta work on my business now; I can worry about next year later.

Then Andrea, Travis, and I went to see Robots. Good movie. :P I recommend you all see it. I might go again Saturday anyway, like I was planning, but I don't know. Whatever. XP
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