Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

More Para Para Pictures.

I accidentally deleted 4 of the ones of Travis from last time. :/

Luckily, I've got more! :D And these are much better than last time.

Just want to point out a few of the fun ones:


Ha, that's pretty cool; you can actually tell that I had ink on my hand.

Hey, limp-wristed does not necessarily mean gay. No, really, it doesn't. ...However, limp-wristed and playing Para Para leaves a few questions in one's mind...

My hand is HUGE! [Giv'me that, foo'. I snatch it out yo hand without even lookin'!]

Ahh, grasshopper; you must learn the ways!

I hate you, Travis. I can't believe you got a picture of me waving my fingers.

I think I can dance.

Give me a hug, machine?

Come on, Travis; you can do it.

Actually caught him moving.

And my personal favorite: This was (truthfully) right after I beat his score. Poor machine. XP

You can tell from these pics that I move around a lot more than Travis does. :P And now Travis hates me even more. XP

edit: Oh, and I broke my right thumbnail. Hit it against a doorframe or something. I heard it snap (it was dark), but didn't feel anything. But yeah, the thing was snapped the whole way across.. still holding on, but I took it off. It was completely clean.. It was cool, minus the whole not having my nail anymore thing.
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